I was flying from the USA to Bosnia yesterday, Seattle (SEA) – Chicago (ORD) – Istanbul (IST) – Sarajevo (SJJ). I was surprised on how many people were flying from Chicago to Sarajevo via Istanbul. There were at least 60 passengers from Chicago, connecting on Turkish Airlines flight to Sarajevo. Istanbul new airport is excellent, very specious, and modern. My flight from Istanbul to Sarajevo was on Turkish Airlines brand new Airbus 321neo aircraft (TC-LTH). The flight was completely booked in economy class (162 seats), while business class had eight empty seats out of 20. Photos from the flight

Photos from Turkish Airlines flight TK1021, Airbus 321neo (reg. TC-LTH)

While deplaning Turkish Airlines Airbus 321, this beauty (Antonov 12) was  parked in front of me.

Work on Sarajevo Airport terminal

Source: Flying Bosnian


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