Sarajevo International Airport successfully completed re-accreditation activities for Airports Council International (ACI) Airport Health Accreditation Programme. After reviewing the evidence presented through the evaluation process, Sarajevo International Airport has shown and proved to provide a safe environment for all travelers, in accordance with the recommended health measures established in ACI Aviation Business Restart and Recovery guidelines, ICAO Council recommendations and in compliance with the best practices in the industry.

ACI’s Airport Health Accreditation Programme enables the airport operators to determine whether the established health measures at the airports are in compliance with the recommendations of CART (Council Aviation Recovery Task Force) i.e. ICAO’s task force for recovery of aviation.

Substantially, the benefits of health accreditation include the possibilities of the airport operator to:

  • demonstrate to passengers, staff, the regulator and the government that the priority of the airport operator is establishing a safe health environment,
  • evaluate already established processes and health measures in the facilities of the airport,
  • reassure passengers that using the airport areas is safe,
  • promote professional performance regarding high cleaning standards,
  • promote the best practices in the aviation industry and
  • enable the harmonization of health measures set by International Civil Aviation Organization – ICAO and their implementation at the airport.

The activities which had the extension of the existing certificate as a goal included several stages and the same entailed completing the questionnaire and the supporting documentation, an online interview and an assessment by the representatives of the Airports Council International. After all of the requirements were met, Sarajevo International Airport was awarded the re-accreditation of the ACI’s Airport Health Accreditation Programme based upon the evidence presented.

A renewal of the certificate proves a continued compliance with the requirements of the ACI’s Airport Health Accreditation Programme for the following twelve months.

Source: Sarajevo Airport


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